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IPCS® Next Generation Technology Platforms

What We Do ?

Today's business needs are very demanding. Organizations around the world are striving to be more agile to better respond to change and new opportunities. To achieve success, business transformation and innovation is key. The focus is on customers, business strategies and partner collaborations where business processes are realigned to migrate to customer-centric product-based models.

This paradigm has pushed enterprises to transform business processes to new agile environment overcoming the traditional business and technology limitations, inefficient and disjointed processes and rigid systems with hard-coded decentralized rules, which together have contributed to escalating costs and longer than necessary processing cycles.

We believe business agility and competitive advantage are only realized with the careful synchronization of a clearly articulated business strategy, precise analysis and expedient execution. The strategy of an organization must be explicitly linked to and, in turn, executed through business transformation using new and proven business and technology frameworks.

We, at IPCS, have been in the forefront of supporting business transformation from traditional information technology (IT) model from projects to products, and driving the adoption of agile and DevOps frameworks to deliver next-generation, robust and highly-scalable cloud-hosted enterprise applications/products, using robust architecture in combination of variety of software engines and components including for compliance and interoperability.

WorkFINITY® is an innovative, rapid-deployment, next-generation digital services delivery framework and platform. It provides an accelerated path to aligning your enterprise business processes to new and transformative paradigm allowing you to dynamically configure and build next-generation industry-specific or government agency-specific digital applications or products, test and simulate, and deploy. The resulting solutions bring high-level of process transparencies, reduces operating costs and increases business performance.

Listed on our website are the range of enterprise applications/products built using WorkFINITY® platform, and many more are being configured.

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