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IPCS® Next Generation Technology Platforms

Technical Support

WorkFINITY® Customer Support Services provides constant online services.

By maintaining complete case history with instant access to all customer communication, we ensure all service-level agreement metrics are met or exceeded. We support customers with our staff by offering an online, self-service solution. This enables us to automatically capture customer inquiries from our Web portal and route cases to specific reps based on customizable business rules.

Exclusive information is available to customers on the WorkFINITY® Customer Support portal, which includes product knowledge bases, release information, downloadable patches and updates, and online discussion forums for sharing experience with users and WorkFINITY® support staff.

Technical Support (24x7x365)

Available by e-mail or phone. We provide technical assistance and resolving technical issues – 24x7x365

Email: support@workfinity.com
Phone: +1-952-541-4888

Maintenance Support

Release Updates

New product releases are immediately made available to customers in the maintenance program.

Patch Notifications

Customers are kept informed of changes to our software products, and are notified by email when patches become available. Special product newsletters announce product releases, and provide other valuable information to help our clients utilize our software products in the most efficient manner possible.

Software Product Documentation

WorkFINITY® software user documentation is provided in electronic, online format that allows us to:

  • Maintain, update, and improve it in an efficient manner.
  • Allows customers to have access to it at any time by accessing the WorkFINITY® Customer Support Portal.
  • Make it easy to find specific topics of interest through electronic searches.