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IPCS® Next Generation Technology Platforms

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Achieve agility and strategic business advantage with
WorkFINITY® BPRM based solutions

Public Sector Applications

  • Automated case management software
  • Workflow-driven e-document and records management software
  • Online firearms and handguns licensing and compliance management software
  • Online liquor and marijuana licensing and compliance management software
  • Online medical board licensing - new applications, renewals, reactivation and complaints management software
  • Emergency response and alert management software
  • Online chiropractic licensing and compliance management software
  • e-Permits and certifications - new, renewals, reactivation and compliance management software
  • e-Grant management software
  • Treasury board management portal software
  • Online portal for financial services application processing software
  • Online veterans housing loan origination and servicing software
  • Automated Medical and Recreational Cannabis Software (Medical Cannabis Registry, Cannabis ERP, Commercial Licensing Software)
  • Online credit card origination and servicing software
  • Online special education idea federal programs compliance data software
  • Online integrated collaboration portal software for environmental programs
  • Online forestry program management portal software
  • e-Crash records selling portal software
  • Online behavioral mental health care management software
  • Online marijuana patient registry - enrollment, licensing and registry software
  • e-Vital records online processing software
  • Online centralized background check processing software
  • BPRM driven low code and low maintenance applications development platform
  • BPRM driven online housing assistance loan origination and servicing (HALOS) system
  • BPRM driven electronic health care records (EHR) system
  • Automated Survey Management Portal Software
  • Workflow-driven automated budget management software
  • Homeowner assistance fund (HAF) management system
  • e-Government services software
  • Regulatory applications modernization software

Private Sector Applications

  • Online Low code, rapid application development platform with multi-bank integration
  • Online Home /Mortgage Loan Origination and Servicing system with multi-lender and multi-broker integration
  • Online Multi-Financial Application Approval System
  • Country-specific Consumer Loan Origination and Servicing System
  • Grant Management System for Financial Services (Non-Profit Organizations)